Mobile Hoists & Stand Aids

Mounted on castors for easy movement, mobile hoists are suited for transferring patients over short distances, such as between a wheelchair and a bed. Mobile hoists are also suitable for toileting, bathing and can be used to pick up a fallen patient.

Stand aids, meanwhile, are designed to provide continuous support for patients who may not be able to stand without assistance. Stand aids are used for sit-to-sit transfers as well as toileting and personal care.

Mobile hoists and stand aids are most effective in uncluttered spaces where there is sufficient capacity to turn the equipment and navigate between rooms. Doorways must be wide enough to accommodate the hoist whilst corridors need to be wide enough to turn.

The main benefit of mobile hoisting is the flexibility; a single mobile hoist can be used to assist numerous people in different locations which offers excellent versatility.

Mobility Supplies provide a wide range of mobile hoists and stand aids. With over 120 years of combined experience among our team, we are well placed to advise on the most suitable hoist for your requirements.