Overhead Hoists

Overhead hoists (otherwise known as ceiling track hoists or ceiling mounted hoists) are the most discreet patient hoisting option. Mobility Supplies regularly supply, install and maintain this type of hoist system in nursing homes, hospitals and private residences.

With an overhead hoist system, the floor is uncluttered from equipment. This permanent solution does not affect the aesthetic of the room and is also safe and tidy.

Featuring wall mounted track, our overhead hoist systems are a popular choice in both care businesses and domestic environments. The track can run from room-to-room for easy mobility or can be installed in just a single room for improved movement in a smaller space. Alternatively a gantry can be fitted for the use of an overhead hoist, although this option is not as discreet.

Mobility Supplies are suppliers of various overhead hoist systems from manufacturers such as Ergolet, Horcher and Oxford.