Patient hoisting slings are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials so choosing the most suitable option for your requirements can be a minefield. Mobility Supplies have extensive experience of lifting equipment and we provide a comprehensive range of patient hoisting slings, please contact us for guidance and sling assessments.

Using a compatible sling for your hoist that is also the right size and style for the user is essential for both comfort and safety. Here is an overview of the main sling variations:

Universal / general use slings

Normally made from smooth heavy-duty polyester, universal slings offer full support of the body including torso, legs and head.

Toileting slings

Designed to support the upper back (and sometimes head) but leave the bottom uncovered, toileting slings are ideal for moving the user over a toilet or portable commode.

Bathing slings

Bathing slings are usually made from net material. This allows water to pass through the sling and drain off.

Disposable slings

Unlike most slings which are machine washable, disposable slings are designed for single patient use.

Other variations

There are multiple further types of patient slings including amputee slings, paediatric slings, hammock slings and slings with extra head support.

Patient hoisting slings are also defined by their size and weight capacity. This definition is usually marked by a coloured loop or strapping. For example, a red strap is a size small, yellow is medium and green is large. This colour code may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.